Saturday, 7 September 2013

In Progress

Summer's over.  Already. Sigh.  But that also means more writing time for me!  I make no apologies for being selfish (and the kids were getting bored anyway...) So, here's what I have on the go, and what I hope to accomplish story-wise, and yes, I know I'm slow:

Lullaby of Lies - Spies, lies, Black Ops, conspiracies, false identities and two polar opposites who share the same motto: Trust No One.  Until they have to trust each other in order to survive.  This will be a contemporary m/m with BDSM elements (moderate to lite, depending on your opinion), hurt/comfort and probably some angst, because, you know, Trust No One.  I really hope this one turns out how it plays in my head.  It will probably be long...just sayin'.  The picture below is a clue, wink-wink.


A Trick of the Light.  Yes, there is a sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black, it just needs some love, and I love my shifter/werewolf world, so I will find some time to work on this soon.  There is also a prequel, which is Young Adult about the Prince of Thorns (not m/m).  It needs revising and editing and I want to get that done soon as well as it is my fave pet project.  I really wish I could clone myself, LOL.

I am also working on a ghost story, as yet unnamed, and no it's not a friendly ghost, so nobody will be getting warm and fuzzy feelings from it, more like cold and creepy feelings.  I'm not a horror writer, but if it gives readers the willies, so much the better!

And for those who liked my Love Has No Boundaries short, As He Watches, I do plan on writing about whatever the hell happens after 3:00 because I can't stand not knowing myself.  Erik needs to spend some time in that corset, damn it.  And Winter needs to, I mean, needs to learn the fine art of wooing.  And spanking...well, spanking Erik, which is actually harder on Winter.  I expect to make this a freebie as well.

And then there's that sequel to Not His Kiss To Take.  Ah, do I love thee and thy snarky nicknames, let me count the ways...

So that's my update - don't know what I'll finish first though, the muse always has a mind of it's own, the darn thing.

Thanks for checking in and happy reading.