Excerpt - Stranded by Lies

Stranded by Lies

Part One - Jason

Blood from my split lip was making a mess of the dove grey duvet, the crimson smears staining the silken cover where my face was being shoved into the fabric. I struggled uselessly, and when I tried to curse at my assailant, I got a mouthful of down-filled comforter instead. My nose might have been bleeding as well, but I didn’t register the sting of either injury— I had more pressing problems on my mind. Like not being able to breathe. Or the fingers on the back of my head ripping out what felt like handfuls of my hair, and more fingers yanking open the buttons on my Levi’s.

“Get the fuck off me!” I finally spat out while kicking backwards. My heel connected with something bony. Good. A shin. I hoped to fuck it hurt.

The man behind me grunted softly, then brutally kneed me in the back of my thigh. “Son of a—!” I wheezed, shocked by the pain. Oh, goddamn, that hurt. My leg collapsed under me, but as I was already bent over the bed, I didn’t really fall so much as slump deeper into the mattress. Pain radiated up to my hip and down to my knee. Jesus. The bastard sure knew how to hurt a guy. But then, that’s what he did. Hurt people. Not for kicks— but because he was a soldier. Of sorts.

“Wasn’t that you agreeing to my terms all those months ago, Jase?” the brute asked rather menacingly in my ear. “And wasn’t that you promising me you’d obey me just three short days ago? I remember it quite clearly, you on your knees, begging for all you were worth. And didn’t I grant you mercy?” The faded and worn denim ripped loudly as he yanked my jeans, and my boxers, down over my ass. “Or have you changed your mind?”

I contemplated another kick. Then thought better of it. I had begged, and he had been merciful. Besides, my leg was still slightly numb. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Well?” he asked.

I twisted my arm up and tried to free my head from his tight grasp before an embarrassing cry of pain escaped my lips. No luck. I concentrated on answering his question as I caught his wrist and dug my thumb into a soft spot. Evidently he was impervious to pain. I hadn’t changed my mind, because, well, only a fool would. He gave my head a hard shove that almost broke my neck and then finally released my hair. Christ, now it hurt worse, a flaming pinprick of heat for each and every strand where it had been torn from my scalp. “I haven’t changed my mind!”

“Then shut the fuck up and quit kicking me!”

There were more ripping sounds as what was left of my jeans were shoved down to my knees. Cold air assaulted my newly bared ass. Since I knew what was good for me, I shut up. Aiden wasn’t one for losing his cool, and I’d really pissed him off. Why in the hell had I punched him? I even started it. That wasn’t like me— I wasn’t usually that stupid. And he had been merciful— beyond merciful.

“Move up on the bed.”

My ribs, where he had given me a good jab, complained as I struggled to comply. When I got one knee up on the mattress, he gave my butt a shove, and I landed fully on the bed, face down, where I could bleed on the fancy pillows. Aiden pulled off my Levi’s and gave my ass cheek a squeeze hard enough to bruise.

You agreed to this, I reminded myself. Over the months of running, I had steadfastly refused to admit that he scared me— everything scared me. Almost as steadfastly as I was, right now, refusing to admit I was more than a little turned on. How fucked up was that? Some crushes never died, I guess.

Aiden’s thumb invaded the crack of my ass. I jerked a little— he startled me, that’s all.

“You’ve a sweet ass, Jase.” The big thumb dug in and pulled my cheek back, exposing my hole. “Looks hardly broken-in. You been fucked before?”

Maybe if I was truthful, he’d go a little easier on me. “Twice,” I answered. I wiped my nose on a flowery pillow. The bleeding had almost stopped.

“Did you like it?” he asked. His voice had softened somewhat, not that I expected him to be merciful twice in one lifetime.

I decided to stick with the truth. “Not the first time.” It had hurt like hell, the guy I’d been dating and fooling around with for two months had been a real asshole, and I’d gone home aching, and without even getting off for my pains. I never spoke to him again— he knew I’d been a virgin and had treated me like a conquest instead. I’d been so na├»ve.

“And the second time?” he asked, moving his thumb to press against my hole. Jesus.

Second time. Uh? Fuck. I couldn’t remember with that thumb touching me so intimately, and making those wiggly motions. “Ah—” I sucked in a breath. “Better.” It had been with a cute guy who’d picked me up in a bar, and he’d been a total top. I didn’t manage to come while he was fucking me, but after a while I’d begun to like it, begun to understand that pleasure could be had with the right guy. After he’d had his way with me, he’d jacked me off. But I never saw him again, either. “It was a little better.”

“Did you come?” Aiden asked.

Aiden showing mercy even once was a miracle. Angels probably sang. As humiliated as I was, I didn’t want to get more on his bad side by lying. “Um… no,” I admitted, reluctantly. Hell.

“You’re going to come for me.”

He said it so matter-of-factly, I almost believed him. My dick sure as hell believed him.

“But I’m going to have to loosen this tight knot a bit first.”

Aiden pressed the very tip of his thumb into me and I jerked, startled again. He didn’t laugh, but I was pretty sure he had that sarcastic smile of his all over his lips. For a second, I was tempted to try for another kick. My chances of success would likely be zero, so, yeah. No.

“Take off your shirt.”

I sighed deeply as his invading thumb disappeared. Then I heard the bedside table drawer open. Shit. You should be thankful he’s gonna lube you up first. Yes. I would be thankful. Various body parts ached as I pushed myself up and fumbled out of my ratty button-down and the T-shirt underneath. I wiped at my face with the cotton tee and dabbed at my swollen lip. Aiden had only slapped me around a bit to put me in my place. If he’d meant to hurt me, I’d be in a world of pain right now.

Still. I’d never picked a fight before, and I’d never been smacked around before. I was just mad— mad at my grandfather for what he’d done that caused all this, mad at my estranged aunt, who represented the last of my family, and every friend I thought I had for being a bunch of traitorous shits. And I was mad at Aiden because he was a grade-A sadistic asshole, and I had a hard-on for him. I would have called it a fuck my life moment, but I hated all that emo teenager talk that my college mates wouldn’t quit using.

“Rollover, sweet thing of mine, and show me what you got,” Aiden said, flinging all the fancy designer pillows on the floor and leaving only the ones for sleeping behind.

I rolled over fast, and sat up. “Don’t be such a prick!” I snarled. And glared. I didn’t have one of those faces that did a glare justice. Something about the play of the light on my cheekbones and the tilt of my mouth made me always look mischievous, like I was up to no good. My mom used to tease me about it. My friends tell everyone that’s what makes me one of those ridiculously photogenic people. Right. I hated my face.

“But you know I’m always a prick, don’t you, Jase?” Aiden tossed a disturbingly big bottle of lube onto the blood-smeared silk and started to undress. My breath hitched. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I suspected no one else could either. He had the most glorious red-gold hair I’d ever seen, and he’d grown it out so it now hung well past his shoulders. Instead of blue eyes, his were yellowish-green, like a cat’s, and slanted like a cat’s, too. For a moment, I forgot to hate him.

Even though Aiden was slightly shorter than me, he made me feel small and… well, wimpy. I worked out at a gym, but he had that type of muscle definition that toned up fast, the kind only the lucky are born with— he’d won the genetic lottery as far as muscles went. Nothing big and bulky, just lean and powerful grace. His abdomen was ripped. My eyes slid down along with his pants.

Jesus. Even his uncut cock was beautiful. And really long. Or did it just look extra-long because he’d trimmed his pubic hair and I could see every inch?

“Want to suck it?” he asked me.

I did. But this time I lied. “No.”

“Another time.”

“I bite.”

He laughed. “Then I guess I’ll just have to fuck you all the time instead.” He grinned, and damn, if it didn’t make his whole face even more beautiful. “Hard, and fast,” he smirked, “repeatedly.”

The coppery-flavored spit dried up in my mouth. I swallowed. My dick pulsed.

“Spread your legs.”

Hell, no. It wasn’t modesty so much as I didn’t want him to see how hard I was.

“Are we going to go for round two?”

Round one had been more than enough for me, thank you very much, and my nose had just quit bleeding. My heart thudded a little erratically as I dug my fingers into the bedding and slowly spread my legs. My glare probably looked like an invitation to him.

“You’re pretty all over, aren’t you?” He looked me over thoroughly. My skin was several shades darker than his, but I’m sure my blush was quite obvious. I was twenty-four, a first-year med student and here I was flushing like I was sixteen and never been kissed. A warm thread of pre-cum drooled between my slit and a spot near my hip where the other end had glued itself. “Very pretty,” Aiden added.

Naked, and fully erect, Aiden climbed on the bed and settled between my shaky legs. He skimmed his hands up both my thighs. “A shame about your lip,” he said, smiling.

Sure it was a shame. The bastard was altogether too pleased with himself.

“I’ve been dying for a taste of your mouth, and now I’ll have to wait some more.”

I wanted to kiss him, regardless. What was another sting when I was dying to share tongues? I licked the split in my lip, and the tang of metal filled my mouth. Damn. Aiden probably didn’t want to taste my blood. Or maybe he did— he kept staring at my mouth. His cat eyes narrowed, and he leaned in slowly, stuck his tongue out, and gently licked my bottom lip, a slow, hot swipe that made me gasp.


But he only gave me that single lick. Then he pushed me back into the remaining pillows and ran his calloused hands all over me. Minute tremors shook my body, and not all of it was from delayed shock. I was unbelievably horny. Without warning, he pinched my nipples, and I gasped louder. My hips jerked. My dick leaked. It had never oozed non-stop like that with any other guy I’d played around with. How humiliating.

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