Tuesday, 17 April 2018

More story to come

Hey readers of Remembered By One - I have not given up on the story, I've just been sick and while slowly getting over pneumonia (and liver and kidney failure), I moved to another province. To a place in the far north. In the middle of a horrible, never-ending winter. I believe I'm getting better and hope to be able to string some words together soon.

I've been thinking Randy needs a new cast (along with a lecture on not scratching inside a cast with a dirty screwdriver). What about this one?

Friday, 24 November 2017

Getting back at it

Hey all readers of Remembered by One,

After a ridiculously busy summer at work that continued into fall, and a bad case of exhaustion that sapped all my writing energy (not to mention energy to just get by), I'm finally back in a head space where I can work on the next chapter(s). Coming up: Some sexy times, some argumentative times, some fun times and of course some times where you just want to bash in your ex's head with a rock. Not sure how fast I'll get back into the groove, but the muse is willing, so anything's possible.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Making Room but not gone forever

Since the number of pages for Remembered by One chapters was adding up, I "unposted" the first six, assuming that everyone who wanted to read them, has. If you've been reading and need to catch up on one of the unposted chapters, send me a message here or on Facebook and I'll add it back.

Now that it's my busy season at the Evil Day Job and I'm working overtime almost every day, my plan is to post a new chapter every 2 weeks, rather than weekly. Best I can do 'cuz I'm usually a wreck at the end of the day.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

New chapters coming soon

Yes, new chapters of Remembered By One are coming soon.

The Evil Day job is sucking the life out of me so I really only get to write on weekends right now. Everybody quit buying houses! Okay, go ahead, but you're keeping me far too busy. No, I'm not a realtor, I'm a legal assistant. You know that massive stack of papers that you get when you go to a lawyer to buy/sell a house? And that annoying paralegal who's always asking you embarrassing questions like, "Where is the money for that coming from?" or, "What do you mean you don't know what your full legal name is or how to spell it?" Yeah, that's me. And for some reason, people always want to move in the summer, lol. Guess it's no fun unloading the moving van in -20 weather and trudging through 2 feet of snow...

Despite the stress and overtime, the muse has been bugging me non-stop and the current chapter from Randy's POV is begging to be finished. Oh, wait, that's Mason begging... Anyway, I'm working on it. But do me a favor, if you catch me hanging out on Facebook watching cat videos or drooling over your latest post featuring hot men in various states of undress, give me hell.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Serial Story

 I've been working on a 'frenemies' to lovers story with a mystery on the side, and a couple of dads who give fatherhood a bad name. It's called Remembered by One (the name will make sense in the end) and I've created a page for each chapter, and will add more if there's any interest. It's not finished, but I have a few more chapters I could post. Let me know here or on Facebook if this is your thing and I'll add 'em as I write 'em.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

No Longer Available

A Thread of Deepest Black and Forever in One Second are no longer available in eBook format.

Once my rights have reverted back to me (my publisher, Samhain has closed), I will republish them on Amazon. Fortunately, I purchased the cover rights to A Thread of Deepest Black and it will have the same awesome artwork. Forever, if I decide to republish it, will get a new cover that better suits it, and the characters.

At the latest, this will be September 1, 2017, but hopefully something can be worked out earlier.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Not His Kiss to Take available on Amazon

Not His Kiss to Take is now available on Amazon if you've been looking for a copy. With so much plagiarism happening and other forms of theft of copyrighted works, I thought I'd republish it. Plus, now all my books will be together in one place (and I had several requests for it). Sorry it's no longer free, but it is available on Kindle Unlimited.