Thursday, 27 September 2012

Not His Kiss to Take

I'm currently editing (almost done!) my upcoming FREE read, Not His Kiss to Take.  Not quite sure how I'll make it available (Smashwords, most likely, and Amazon), but will post particulars when I have it ready to go (I now estimate end of November, 2012).

Find out what happens a bossy, junkie, has-been doctor with questionable ethics meets his match in a stubborn twenty-something bundle of curiosity with a bit of a temper.

Dr. Evan Harrison has become a recluse, a prisoner inside his own house, felled in his prime by a migraine headache without end.  All he'd ever wanted was to be a doctor, and now he's nothing - until chance delivers a beaten and battered Jamie into his care.  Fourteen years his junior, gorgeous, mouthy, stubborn and...completely and unquestionably straight.  Maybe.  Or maybe not...

Jamie doesn't know what the hell hit him (other than there were three of them), and that he's broken and in pain and he doesn't know the identity of the kind stranger with the cold stethoscope, warm eyes and voice of an angel looking after him.  And he sure as hell doesn't know why he finds him sexy...or likes his bossiness.

Not His Kiss to Take is a contemporary m/m short novel containing light medical kink/fetish aspects, light BDSM elements (bondage, spanking, breath-play), lots of swear words, wishes for kisses and the use of medical gloves in a manner probably not intended by the manufacturer.  Heat level:  HOT!  Possibility of smoke, flames and dangerous backdrafts.  But you knew I don't do sweet, right?

And that lovely snowscape?  Spokane, in winter - one of my favorite cities and the setting for Not His Kiss to Take.


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