Saturday, 22 October 2011


It's true - you don't really appreciate things until you no longer have them.

For me, its a home of my own.  I recently sold my house, uprooted my life, and my kids' lives, and moved 6 hours away, back to my hometown.  While it's great to be back, I'm staying with family until my house purchase goes through November 30th, and I can't find a damn thing.  If its not in storage, it's buried or has been purloined by the dog.  He has a thing for everyone's socks...

Mostly, I miss my computer.  I can't write (except in my head) and can't post an excerpt for Forever in One Second, because I'm using someone else's laptop and we don't get along.  I recently gave my own book one star on Goodreads, inadvertently, of course, so I try to avoid doing anything important right now, God knows what might happen!

As soon as I can, I'll post an excerpt here.  Also dying to work on A Trick of the Light - I miss my werewolves.  I miss the scheming.  The deception.  Hey - everyone's gotta have a hobby!

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