Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy Holidays

I'm finally settled in the new house, and after much chaos, have found all the important stuff, like the Christmas tree, all the TV and Playstation remotes and the dog and cat toys.  Can't find my socks, my best photo printer/scanner or the winter clothes, but hey...maybe Santa will replace those at Christmas...please.

Now that I'm a bit organized, I've added a new page for excerpts, above, specifically a scene from Forever in One Second, releasing on January 10, 2012 - and it's already received a great review from Literary
Nymphs - here's the link: (and yes, reviews freak me out, even the good ones!)

So now I'm out of excuses, it's time to get writing again!  Over the next while I'm going to finish A Trick of the Light, the next book in my werewolf/shifter world, and following the events in A Thread of Deepest Black, and maybe complete a couple other projects that have been on the go for a while:  Marksman (a contemporary m/m) and Heaven and Guile (a contemporary m/m ghost story).

Merry Christmas everyone!

'This is why I love winter ...' by Steve Dinicol

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