Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reviews and Pirates

Forever in One Second due out January 10th, has received a couple nice reviews lately (thank-you!) and here are the links if you want to check them out:

Literary Nymphs

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But while there's good news, there's bad - I've been pirated.  Already!  Sheesh, the book hasn't been released yet and already I have to go a'huntin'.  Not that this is anything new, just wasn't expecting this so soon.  I want to say to book pirates:  I hope you really liked that book, because it might be the last one of mine you get to read.  Why?  Simple - my publisher is in this to make money and if my writing does not support all their time and effort, the encouragement, the editing, the cover artists, the promotional work they do on my behalf, well, get the picture (I hope).  So if you like my them!

Because the only good pirate is...Johnny Depp.



  1. Loved Thread of Deepest Black and am currently reading Forever in One Second.(I bought it:)Please don't stop writing, I think your stuff is terrific and look forward to more. And you're right about Johnny Depp:-)

    1. Thanks Pauline! Sorry about not replying earlier - not used to having comments as I just started this blog because I don't want to kill my website with ineptitude. I'm still writing - working on another shifter/were story (Killian and Colton will make an appearance in it) and if it turns out the way I see it in my imagination, maybe it will be out this fall :)