Saturday, 18 June 2016

Just Lucky That Way Is Here

Just Lucky That Way has been published to Amazon! It takes anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days to show up on the website, but I pressed the magic "publish" button. I will be uploading it Smashwords sometime over the next week and from there it will be available at other retailers such as iTunes/iBooks. If you love buying your books at All Romance eBooks, please leave me a comment here or on Facebook, and I will see about getting publisher status there so I can upload it for sale.

Once the book is live, I will post an excerpt here (Chapter 1). Price on Amazon is $3.99US.

Fortune smiled on Chance Ryan the day he was born and blessed him with an endless supply of good luck. Now he uses that luck working for the Arsenal, a secret federal organization made up of powerful psychics, including his hot, kick-ass partner and a clairvoyant, dragon-lady of a boss with a killer hairpin. 

So with all that good fortune, why in the hell is everything suddenly going wrong?

Duncan “Mac” MacDonnell’s prescient ability tells him his charismatic partner is in serious trouble. When Chance shows up unexpectedly on the run from a man he claims has no face, and bearing a magicked, two-thousand-year-old coin, Mac finds himself unprepared for just how deep that trouble goes. 

For two years the Arsenal has been hunting an impossibly lucky thief and his stolen cache of charmed and cursed items. The unexpected reappearance of the missing coin thrusts Mac and Chance into a danger no psychic could have foretold, and reveals the true nature behind a horrifying crime not even time can erase.

But even as they pursue the mysterious thief, the thief stalks them. He wants Chance’s luck for himself and will stop at nothing to get it. Pitted together against an ancient enemy, and knowing any day could be their last, Mac and Chance finally acknowledge their mutual attraction. But they may have waited too long. Dark forces threaten to tear both them and the Arsenal apart, and destroy any chance they have to find their happily-ever-after.

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