Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sequels...or something new?

Although I've been crazy-busy at the evil day job and working a lot of overtime, I've been itching to start a new book (or story).

What are you in the mood for? I can and have written to order. Might do it again.

Do you want more erotica/erotic romance and kink - something like Not His Kiss to Take? If you liked that book, was it because of erotic elements or contemporary storyline? Or just Jamie's sass?

BDSM? Or a sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black?

A sequel to Just Lucky that Way? My imagined plot has Mac doing something you wouldn't believe. I can't believe it myself!

Or do you like sci-fi and want to know what the secret is in the sequel to Stranded by Lies?

I would also be happy to revisit Winter and Erik from As He Watches...

OR is there something, some trope, you'd like to read that seldom gets written? I don't do non-con or slavery, but I'm pretty open otherwise. Mmm...maybe not mpreg either...or rockstars...

So if there's something you'd like to see, speak up, otherwise I'll go amuse myself writing smutty m/f and young adult novels.

Send me an email or post here.


  1. I'd like to rrevisit Winter and Erik from As He Watches...

    Or a sequel to a Thread of Deepest Black

    1. Hi Shelli! Thanks for commenting. I had a lot of fun writing that story and I always wanted to continue it. Even I need to find out what happens after 3:00! I'm sure I could dream up lots of ways to humiliate I mean for Winter to humiliate him :)

  2. Hi Finn! I loved TOTDB, Killian was amazing. Not His was another great one. As He Watches was too. Ok, I love the way you write Erotica. I think the world of Thread would make a great series actually. I definitely want to know what's up with the Prince.

    And I'd definitely LOVE a short of Winter finally taking Erik.

    1. Thanks for commenting Heather. A short of Winter finally taking Erik - I love that! I myself love reading short stories, but all the ones I write seem to turn into novellas... But yes, finishing As He Watches where I left off, might be worth taking a look at.

      As for the Prince of Thorns, he has his own book. It's YA though, and ridiculously long. I sent it to a special content editor, then decided it was too difficult (heart wrenching) to hack it down to a reasonable size. I can't seem to let it go, though, and think about it often (it even has a cover already). The sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black is mostly written (rough first draft), and while Killian and Colton are in it, it's about Killian's cousin Lucien, who is twice the troublemaker with half the self-control of Killian. But I like him anyway ;)

      So, still haven't decided what to work on m/m wise. Puttering with an unconventional mystery right now, and even though its not a romance, the main character is gay. I'll have to see what happens with that...

    2. I added a new page just for you...

    3. Ahhhh Lucien....that weould be phenomenal!

      I can imagine how cutting out certain parts of it would be seriously difficult not only do you have think and worry about how that part impacts the story but dammit the time and heart it took to write it! I would love to read it but I make it a point to stay away from YA, I'm raising 2 teenagers and frankly that's enough and two, me likes the smecks. A lot *ducks head*.

      I think what's popular right now is Con/Rom MM. Seems like everyone has already blown threw the PNR/UF and BDSM genre. Honestly, I go where the good sex is. Shameful, I know but there ya go, lol. It's really hard to find a writer who can not only write a engaging story but also pen good sexual tension, chemistry and hot sex.

      I'm not obsessed. Ok, maybe haha. I just a great mystery by Cate Ashwood. Really surprised. Usually the mystery overtakes the romance but here it was blended perfectly.

  3. New page? What? Where?


    1. Hi Heather - I had put up Chapter 1 of A Trick of the Light, what would have been a sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black - email me if you want to read it :)