Saturday, 27 August 2016

Reviews and Goodbyes


I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately. Or rather, the lack of them. Outside of Goodreads, my books seldom get reviews, which is okay, because obviously there’s no obligation for anyone to review one of my books, especially if that book was paid for (and I usually get trashed there anyway).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them. How else would I know if anyone liked it? Do readers want a sequel? Would they like another book set in that world? Beats me. I really have no idea. Despite not having many books out (again, the sound of crickets does not encourage publication), I believe my books have sold fairly well for the m/m romance genre, which is small—I still receive cheques worth cashing. True, I have a “unique” writer’s voice and my writing is not for everyone, but that’s okay, there is an audience for every style and every story, which kind of limits who wants to read my stuff as well. But if you’ve ever wondered why there is no sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black, or As He Watches, or Stranded by Lies, lack of reviews is the reason why. Although I am widowed with three kids I’m raising alone, money is not a big motivator for me. I just have no idea if anyone is interested.

I have also put out three free books, and I loved writing all three of them. I would have put out more, but I had no idea if anyone would read them, because, *crickets*.  Plus, it costs money to have edits done and covers made. Not His Kiss to Take cost me $600.00 to publish. So, not something I could do with any regularity, not matter what the muse wants. As of my writing this, Not His Kiss to Take has been downloaded from Smashwords 17,315 times, which is an average of 6-8 books a day, my rough estimate based on the little graph. Still that many, even though it was released in December 2012.

And how many reviews does it have? 


And none since 2014. This leads me to believe that everyone who downloaded it thinks it sucks. So why would I put out a free book again? Or any book?

Which is the point of this mini-rant—it’s also my goodbye. And my thank you to everyone who bought A Thread of Deepest Black, Forever in One Second or Just Lucky that Way, or who left a review (even if they hated any of the above), and especially to those who sent me an email or posted on Facebook, or Twitter or in a group, that they enjoyed my story. Thank you for that. Thank you so much.

So to end this rant, I will finish with this: If there is a writer out there whose book or story you loved, and they are lesser known, please leave a review, no matter how short (I loved it! Please write a sequel! Enjoyed it! – these are great reviews). This is especially true for indie authors. The best way to keep an author writing is to let them know you like what they write and want more. Well, that, and don’t be a pirate. Pirating a book does not help get the next one written.

I will probably keep Just Lucky that Way up on Amazon until my rights to Thread and Forever revert back to me…or I may take it down tomorrow, so if you're interested in reading it, maybe get it sooner rather than later (I really wanted to write a sequel for that one! So much more to tell). Alas...

Thanks again everyone, take care and happy reading.


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo. Don't gooooooooooooooo!!!!

    I'm guilty of not writing reviews. Why? I'm not a blogger and I'm honestly not a very good writer. It's hard to come up with reasons why you liked something or for a way to keep your review engaging so someone will actually want to read it or care about your opinions.

    But I always rate the books I read. Yours are rated and on my Read shelf.

    I think authors underestimate social interaction with their readers and the art of making friends with bloggers. You'd be surprised how many authors got started and kept their popularity going with only the help of the online community. GoodReads is HUGE for that and so is the MM Romance Group....which I just learned of and joined btw.

    You have a God given talent and I hope you continue to put it to use. (I'm one of those ppl that don't fangirl over celebrities...I fangirl over authors) Bloody brilliant fuckers. I have absolutely no imagination and the mind of a squirrel. Books calm me down...they are my safe place, that place I can go when I need to get outta my head for awhile, yk? My idea of the perfect vacation is me on a cruise with all you can eat buffets, my Nook and free wifi. I'm such a rebel.

    Whatever you decide....I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope from time to time, you'll share it with us. XOXO!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Heather! Writers gotta write, so I'm just going to shift my writing into other genres - I have lots of other stories done or on the go. Who knows? I might manage to get published elsewhere one day.

    2. Finn,

      Please keep us in the loop....You may not have had a lot of reviews written but I have most of your books and I would read your stuff no matter the genre as would several others I'm sure.

      I think LA Witt has like 6 pen names she writes under...all for different genres before gaining popularity as a MM author. You gots to do what you gots to do just remember your fans support you.


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  3. Oh no. I just read this. Because I just finished reading Stranded by Lies, and desperately want more of the Vish. Oh, I'm so sad. I adore your writing.

    1. Thanks Cherie! Glad you liked that story - I rather liked the Vish myself, lol - I would have liked to have continued that one. I had a pretty cool plot twist in mind for part 2. I've also written quite a bit of a related side story (book) called Lullaby of Lies. I don't think there are a lot of m/m sci-fi fans out there (at least not for my stories), but I love sci-fi as well as fantasy and paranormal. I'm working on the sequel to Just Lucky That Way just because I want to write it, even if just for myself, and well, writers gotta write, even if no audience.

  4. Dear Finn,
    Not sure if you are still watching for comments on this post, but I wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your writing. I just finished Stranded by Lies and I LOVED it! It's the first book that I have read of yours and I have already downloaded a few others that I could find of yours. It started out with a bang and never let up. I think Jason is one of my favorite characters. I love is inner dialog. I have read many books and few authors have the talent that you have shown in your writing. I hope you continue to write, because a story that can make you laugh, cry and even scream all within the same front and back covers is a great book indeed. Looking forward to reading your other works! Laurie

    1. Thanks very much Laurie! I'm still puttering, but don't have plans to publish again. I'm posting a chapter-by-chapter story here if you want to follow along. I really liked Jason from Stranded by Lies myself. Not sure if I can find the time to finish the sequel, but I'd sure like to. Evil cliffhangers are evil, lol. Did you find As He Watches? It's another freebie you can check out.
      Thanks again for commenting - much appreciated.

  5. Dear Finn,
    Not His Kiss To Take is my favorite M/M book of all time. I reread it at least once a year. I have all of your books and was so hoping for a sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black. I will admit that I'm a GoodReads reader and tend to watch authors and their upcoming publications there.

    I am going to read your online work in progress. I'm just so glad you are still writing!


    1. Wow! Thanks Deandra! Sorry I'm not on Goodreads anymore, it kind of turned into an ugly place for me for a while there so I left, but I miss it terribly. I especially miss the m/m Romance group. I have recently dusted off A Trick of the Light, the sequel to A Thread of Deepest Black and hope to find time to work on it now that my busy time at work is slowing. I also want to finish a couple chapters of Remembered by One soon. Sure wish I could write full time!

  6. I'm sorry that you had a hard time on Goodreads! I have heard of other authors getting harassed, which just depresses me. We are a bunch of booklovers...can't we play nice?

    And yay to A Trick of the Light! I can't wait to read it.

  7. Oh no!! I just finished Stranded by Lies two minutes ago and immediately googled you to see what else you have and if there was a more of Jason and Aiden's story. I am so sad that you've had to pull back from writing, you have an amazing voice and a way of making the reader feel emotionally connected to your characters in just a few pages. That's very special and I'm sorry more people haven't appreciated your gift. I'm an going to go hoard whatever else of your work I can find and you're now at the top of my bookmarks so I can follow along with your online chapters.

    Thank you for sharing Stranded by Lies with us, I can't wait to read everything else!

    1. Thanks, Katie. I really must finish that story...sadly not a lot of interest in sci-fi, but I love it and I loved that story and wanted to tell the rest of it!